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Welcome To Creative Technology Group

Since 1983, Creative Technology Group has been active in the areas of entertainment, training, psychology, technology, and personal transformation. As a part of that mission, we are offering a variety of sites which provide helpful articles, courses, and other resources for a variety of life issues.

If you are having issues with sleep, try Sleep Central for articles and courses on such topics as insomnia, snoring, and getting your baby to "sleep like a baby".

Are you a parent? Try going to Help for Parents for helpful hints and courses on everything from potty training your toddler to homeschooling your teenager.

As a parent, you might also be interested in our special site for Christmas Stories, ebooks, and other goodies.

Do you have financial issues? Take a look at financial help for topics ranging from avoiding bankruptcy to getting discount travel.

Another way to improve your finances might be to get into Internet Marketing. Check out the free ebook about one recommended approach.

For a little relaxation, you might want to try our Literature site. We can also recommend the Sudoku Rose site, especially the free online play page.

We are adding more articles and courses all the time. For your added benefit, we have forums and chat rooms available at several of the specialized sites. Stop by often!

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